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Holistic well-being for your skin

CaTe Nordic Beauty is a new finnish skincare brand, born to the need for holistic skin care. The development is based on the latest research, and the concept combines holistic skincare and nutrition in an innovative way.

Our products contain only the essential.

CaTe Nordic Beauty products are based on carefully chosen ingredients from nature and nutrition. Active ingredients include vegetable oils, vegetable extracts, vitamins and antioxidants that are protecting, moisturizing, nourishing and renewaiting your skin effectively but gently. We stand by the CaTe Nordic Beauty products proudly.

In our opinion skin care should be easy-going. We wanted to create a skin care concept that suits all skintypes. Our products are sufficient and versatile, and they are easy to combine to a perfect totality for your skin. The products contain only the essential and necessary. Nothing in vain. Naturally.

with sugars, birch sap and rose extract

Osmolytic face mist effectively brings moisture and vitality for the skin. Rose extract helps to prevent the signs of fatigue and evens skin tone. Natural osmolytes betaine and inositol helps to maintain the water balance of skin cells by protecting keratinocytes from hyperosmotic stress

with hyaluronic acid, algae, oat oil and lingonberry oil

Super Hydrating Antioxidant Serum helps to improve the moisture balance of the skin. Algae and Hyaluronic Acid effectively binds moisture on the skin, leaving skin silky smooth and moisturized. Oat Oil and Lingonberry Oil are full of natural essential fatty acids and antioxidants that protects the skin from oxidative stress.

with ceramide, oat oil and bilberry oil

Moisturizing and protecting face cream helps to improve skins own protective barrier. Ceramide helps to maintain the structure of the lipid barrier and protects the skin from aging and UV-radiation. Betaine and xylitol draws moisture to the skin and keeps it moisturized and vital. The cream leaves skin moisturized, with a light and silky matt skin feel.

with bakuchiol, bilberry oil and oat oil

Renewing and protecting face oil leaves your skin nurtured with a light skin feel. The carefully selected oils soften and moisturize the skin and prevent the water loss from the skin, without clogging the pores. Bakuchiol helps to renew the skin, reduces wrinkles and acne scars, and improves the skin texture effectively.

with seabuckthorn

Gentle and nourishing Cleansing balm effectively melts away impurities, sunscreen and makeup leaving skin soft and moisturized. Helps maintain the skins own protective barrier and does not dry the skin.

Developed by professionals.

CaTe Nordic Beauty, a natural cosmetics brand, was born from passion to holistic skincare, The brand is built on expertise, experience and know-how. We, Carl Fagerudd and Terhi Vesa, account to CaTe.

Terhi, MSc Biotechnology and Master of Beauty and Cosmetics, is responsible for the product development of the CaTe Nordic Beauty products. In addition she is a accredited cosmetic product safety assessor. Terhi’s versatile background gives a broad angle of approach to the well-being of the skin – without compromising safety.

Carl from CaTe Nordic Beauty is responable for packaging concepts. He is experiensed in productizing and sales of international cosmetic brands.

The CaTe Nordic Beauty products are developed in our own laboratory in Porvoo, Finland and produced in the Nordics. Sustainability is taken into account in raw materials, packaging materials and production methods.

We stand by the CaTe Nordic Beauty products proudly. We want to ensure a good and safe user experience. We rely on researched effectivity, and it is important that we can keep every promise.


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